Reasons For Incorporation

Why Incorporate?

 Reduce your taxes

A combination of lower tax rates and increased expense allowances means that you can keep more of your money for growing your business rather than feeding the Canada Revenue Agency.

  • As the owner of the corporation, you can pay yourself dividends and avoid the cost and process of payroll for a period of time.

 Limit your liability

Without the protection provided by a corporation, creditors or other claimants can include your personal assets in their collection demands.

Build continuity

As a separate legal entity, the corporation’s business life extends beyond that of the owner. Adding an “Inc.” to your name also establishes an immediate legitimacy with customers, vendors and lenders.


Why Incorporate With Us?


No one can beat us on price. Helping you launch your corporation is our opportunity to win you over as a customer for life.


You’re about to make some important decisions. Getting them on paper is the easy part. What you really need is the advice that comes free with our service.

Full service

You need to focus on running your business. Our job is to take away all the tedious tasks that distract you from doing so. We’re here to support you along your corporate journey.